7 questions with… Carl Hutchinson

Portraits of Carl Hutchinson in London on February 25, 2012. London, England © Ashley Maile

Portraits of Carl Hutchinson in London on February 25, 2012.
London, England
© Ashley Maile

On Saturday 22 October, the Halifax Comedy Festival will host its first ever Late Night Comedy Club at The Imperial Crown Hotel. Ahead of the event we caught up with headliner Carl Hutchinson and asked him a few things, in this segment we have inventively and imaginatively called “7 Questions with…”

Q. Who is your comedy hero and why?

Oh, it’s really hard to narrow it down to just one. I was lucky enough to have cable in my bedroom when I was a kid so I hammered the [then] Paramount Comedy Channel [Now Comedy Central]. I’ve always loved the American stand-ups. I guess it’s just cooler as a child. Jerry Seinfeld, for his unique observational stand-up and of course the sitcom Seinfeld. Lee Evans was the first British stand-up. I would watch his specials over and over whenever it came on the tele, and he was the first comedy video I ever bought with my Christmas or birthday money. Louie CK is my favourite at the moment. Aside from the stand-up, his shows “Louie” and “Horace & Pete” have the ability to make you laugh and cry; usually at the same bits.

Q.What got you in to comedy?

Being a fan of it. Who doesn’t enjoy laughing, right? There was only so much laughing I could do before I wanted to try it myself and make others feel how I felt when I laughed.

 Q. Tell us about your first gig…

Dog & Parrot pub, upstairs in the function room. About 20 people but it felt like 2000. Wasn’t bothered about making people laugh I just wanted to get through the 5 mins having not made an arse of myself. I got laughs, I was elated. Never looked back since.

 Q. Who would play you in a film of your life and why?

Going ONLY on who other people have said I looked like: Simon from The Inbetweeners and David Schwimmer. But I guess if there’s a film being made of me I should try to get a part in it myself.

 Q. What’s the worst thing anyone’s ever said to you, and why?

“I’m not being funny but neither are you”. Why? That’s self-explanatory.

Editor’s Note: We don’t know who this person was, we don’t know what they wanted – but they were wrong… very wrong!

 Q. Tell us the punchline to your favourite joke…

“I don’t recall saying good luck”- The Simpsons

Psst… check out the link: Crackers are a family food

 Q. What’s the most important lesson Comedy has taught you?

To be grateful for making a living doing something you love.


See Carl doing something he loves – making you laugh – at our Late Night Comedy Club at The Imperial Crown Hotel, Halifax. Headlining the event, Carl will be joined by Barrie Dodd (fresh from supporting Jason Manford on tour) and Peter Brush (taking the surreal out of the mundane). Tickets are £12, with a bar close enough to refresh that laughing gear… and can be bought (via the Square Chapel box office) by clicking this link.

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