Happy #BeBaldAndFreeDay!

By Amy Cully Steele, One Agency Media
It’s #BeBaldAndFreeDay, so we’ve compiled a list of people who should be bald but don’t know it yet.

trumpDonald Trump.

Goes without saying, his hair is suspiciously wig-like. Maybe he should just let his baldness shine though? A nice greasy slaphead would suit him; chained to this notion of college fraternity, Trump is imprisoned by a doomed desire to stay young and selfish. Free yourself Don!!




Kim Kardashian

For streamlining purposes, there’s so much weight on the rear of her body so losing some locks could help he glide down the red carpet. It just makes sense. P.s, doesn’t she look oddly like her mother…






Zac Efron

Simply for the greater good of society. It’s not healthy for the majority to have one person so aesthetically pleasing, and we think it’s time something was done about it. He’ll still be a fitty but a slightly more human looking one.







Eamonn Holmes
Just because he’s annoying. Take that, Eamonn Holmes.








Theresa May









Pamela Anderson

For scientific research. By isolating variables, we can determine exactly what it is that makes this woman such a bombshell. Not the hair, apparently, because she’s still a ten here. #BaldBeauty





Simon Cowell

Nature. Simon SHOULD be bald. Especially with all the work stress he takes on. He should lose a hair every time he tells someone they’re the worst audition he’s ever seen. Double hair loss if he uses any of the following words;


-Bloody terrible





We’re celebrating the bald and beautiful comedians here in Halifax next week!



Take our very own Tony Burgess for example. Clever, intelligent, and honestly, the happiest looking man around, catch him at the Wellington Rooms on Tuesday 24th Oct.






daliso chaponda_0296b_photo by steve ullathorne



Cheeky, stylish and bald, Daliso Chaponda, is at the Victoria Theatre Green Room Bar on Tuesday 24th Oct, previewing his new show, ‘Work in Progress’. You may remember Daliso’s shiny head under the bright lights of the Britain’s Got Talent stage.



George Egg resize




Few suit their name as much as George Egg, who, aside from being a champion baldy, is also an award winning comedian, with show ‘The Anarchist Cook’. Catch his new show, the DIY Chef at the Square Chapel Arts Centre, on Sunday 22nd Oct.







Archibald Kelly, bald by name, bald by nature! Archie is another great contender; an effortless master of bone dry anecdotes, but most importantly, a great shirt wearer. Find him at the Wellington Rooms on Wednesday 8th Oct.





Check out the full Halifax Comedy Festival lineup by downloading our brochure here.

To book to see any of these fabulous bald comedians live and fabulous please call              01422 351158.

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