‘Oh Unlucky’ #Fridaythe13th

‘Oh Unlucky’

By Amy Cully Steele, One Agency Media


The UK is undeniably a nation of weekend lovers. A place where the hashtag #FridayFeeling trends on social media every fifth day of the week, scores of offices full of pencil pushers and career moguls alike await that longed-for Friday afternoon countdown to freedom and the blessed Saturday lie in. So what is it about the number 13 that’s so powerful to tarnish our sacred weekly holy day, so?

Some believe it has religious connotations, others just find it a bit eerie but there’s something about Friday 13th that has you watching your back. So if you woke up this Friday morning feeling more freaky than funky, here are a few stories of people who are having a worse day than you.

Bike Baffoonery:
So I was cycling to work on a Friday morning. Headphones in, the sun was shining – I was in a pretty good mood. Then I noticed a van behind me that was driving that touch too close. I swerved as a reflex, crashing into a traffic cone and landing on my bum whilst doing so. But to make matters worse, after getting back on my bike (as the saying goes) and cycling a few metres, I realised that I must have dropped my phone in the chaos. I turned back, just in time to watch it being run over. By three cars.


Karma Drama:

One thing I can’t stand is Sunday drivers. But Sunday drivers on a Friday? Not today. I was making my way to the shop before heading to work. Approaching a junction, not only did a woman pull out on me, but she then proceeded to drive at 20mph in a 30mph zone…all the way to the shop. I was pretty riled up by the time we parked, and I’m not proud of the language I used to express my distain for both her, her driving, and her mother. Anyway, I headed to work and promptly forgot about the whole affair. Until 3.15pm. I work in a school, by the way, and it was September, new intake day. I’m sure you can imagine my distress when a familiar face came to collect her child at the school gates. And now I live in fear that she’s going to tell on me –  I guess that’s ‘carma’!



I was on my way to visit a friend of mine who lives about 20 minutes away, it was winter and cold. I started my car and heard this weird noise, but dismissed it as nothing. Anyway, we had a great time and I drove home and all was well, except I didn’t see my cat for a week after that day. Obviously worried, I started asking around to see if anyone had seen her recently. I was relaying my anxiety to that friend, when he went oddly silent. He had found a dead cat on his driveway the day I visited, but didn’t mention it to me because, although the cat had looked like mine…why would my Mr. Humphrey be dead in a town 20 minutes’ drive away? Turns out my angel had been hiding under the warm engine of my car from the cold. I literally ran over my own cat.

lost cat

So if you’ve woken up today with a bee in your bonnet, just think yourself lucky that it isn’t a cat. Happy Friday 13th, everyone! To help you get through this day of potential calamites, remember that the Halifax Comedy Festival starts just 1 week today with Richard Herring, Barbara Nice and apocalyptical comedy play Swansong.

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