What’s On

See the What’s On Menu above, or the links below to check out what is happening on each day of the festival:

Friday 20 October Richard Herring, Barbara Nice, Swansong, Thermos Museum

Saturday 21 October The Sooty Show, Sara Pascoe, Thermos Museum

Sunday 22 October Singalonga Rocky Horror, Comedy Club 4 Kids, George Egg, Thermos Museum

Monday 23 October Thermos Museum, Marc Blake Stand-Up Workshop

Tuesday 24 October Tony Burgess & Geoff Norcott, Paul Tonkinson, Justin Moorhouse, Howard Read & Tony Vino, Daliso Chaponda

Wednesday 25 October Shazia Mirza, Sean Percival & Archie Kelly

Thursday 26 October Scottish Falsetto Socks

Friday 27 October Rob Rouse, Dick & Liddys, The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Saturday 28 October Lee Nelson